Australia has the #2 Best Healthcare System in the world

Australia’s public-private healthcare system has been ranked second in the world. New York company Commonwealth Fund studied eleven different global healthcare models.

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Australia Facts:5 Facts About Australia – Australia Immigration Professionals

Although every country is special in its own way, the people who live and work in Australia truly dwell in an extraordinary land. Here are five AMAZING facts about Australia that you may find interesting.

Facts About Australia
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Australia Immigration Professionals: Australia Ranked #4 Best Country for Immigrants

U.S. News & World Report ranked Australia in 4th place for the best country for immigrants to live. The Commonwealth of Australia consists of the continent of Australia, along with 8,222 islands within its maritime borders.
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AustraliaImmigrationProfessionals – What it Means to Be a True “Aussie”

There are many factors that determine our national identity, which can include our religion, our birthplace, and our local customs. For Australians, however, the main factor to identify someone with their national identity is through their language.

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Australia Immigration Professionals – Information About Australian Tourist Safety and Security

In a world that seems to be increasing in violence, Australia is being viewed as a safe place, which is proving to benefit the country’s tourism. Having assurance of security and safety is rated as the most important factor by 54% of people in overseas markets.police-869216_640