Australia Immigration Professionals: Australian Job Openings Being Created at Rapid Rate

An incredible decline has been seen in the unemployment rate in Australia, keeping the job growth booming in this country. In one month alone, close to 20,000 jobs were created.

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Australia Immigration Professionals: Mobile App Sector Creates 113,000 Australian Jobs

Within the country of Australia, over 100,000 people are working within the industry of mobile applications. These roles are fairly new to the country and weren’t even in existence ten years ago.

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Australia Immigration Professionals: Fourteen Fantastic Places to Visit in Australia

How is it that we live in a place and do not realize the wonders available for us to see right in our backyard? There are astonishing natural attractions dotting the countryside of Australia.

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Australia Immigration Professionals: Melbourne Ranked World’s #1 Most Livable City for 2017

For the seventh year in a row, Melbourne ranked first on The Economist’s list of the most livable cities in the world. The capital city received perfect scores for education, infrastructure, and healthcare in the yearly report.

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Australia Immigration Professionals: Australia Sees Project Managers in High-Demand

Companies are trying to figure out how to leverage their data to improve business
functions. A trend being seen in these projects is growing demand for data and
analysis skills.

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