Australia Immigration Professionals – Five Australian Universities Among the Top 50 in the World

Australian National University ranked 20th in the top 100 universities in the world according to recent ranking reports. It’s obvious that the universities in Australia are showing great improvements in all aspects including employability, research, and teaching. Foreign nationals who need assistance with immigrating to Australia will find the services of Australia Immigration Professionals to be very helpful.

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Australia Immigration Professionals – Australian Employment Soars with 42,200 New Jobs

In May 2017, the rate of unemployment in Australia fell to 5.5% and more than 42,000 jobs were created that same month. It had been estimated that 10,000 new jobs would be created, so it’s astonishing that the goal was exceeded by over four times that amount. Full-time jobs increased by 52,000, while the number of part-time jobs dropped by 10,000.

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Australia Immigration Professionals – Average Wealth of Australians Soars to $402,600

As of 2017, Australia has over one million millionaires who call Australia home. According to the newest report by the Global Wealth Report, individuals with a net worth of $50 million, increased by 30 percent to close to 3,000. The head of Australia Credit Suisse, Alex Wade said, “No other part of the wealth pyramid has been transformed as much since 2000 as the millionaire and ultra-high-net-worth individual segments.”

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Currency flowing through hour glass and stack of dollar bills against graph bar in background

Australia Immigration Professionals – Canberra Named World’s #3 City to Visit in 2018

Melbourne and Sydney have been knocked off their top spot as Canberra has been named the number one city in Australia for travel in 2018 and the third top city to visit in the world. By reaching the number three spot on the highly contested Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel-Top Cities’ list, they have achieved something no other city in Australia has ever achieved.

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